The Napoleons and the Napoleons Venture Philanthropy to support positive impact projects – IGG Laureate in 2021!

The Napoleons is a network and a professional social media, dedicated to actors united around virtuous and ethical, technological and social, political and entrepreneurial innovation. The network evolves both in the digital world and through the organization of events bringing together members of the community around innovative ideas and values, in France, Europe and internationally.

The Napoleons Venture Philanthropy is the Napoleons’ new program for supporting positive impact projects. It supports initiatives that are socially innovative, inclusive and responsible, selected each year, as well as more urgent or one-off actions depending on current events. In 2021, IGG is among the Napoleons Venture Philanthropy Laureates, which has decided to value communication, mobilization or advocacy projects that advance effective equality between women and men.

The IGG thanks the Napoleons for the financial support and the patronage of competence received from the professionals and all their networks.

More information on the Napoleons website.

¡BASTA YA! – a documentary about the collective struggle for reproductive rights in Latin America We are Julia and Marion, two 24-years-old feminists. From September to December 2020, we will travel to six countries in Latin America (Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chili, El Salvador and Mexico), to meet the men and women that fight for the right to abortion, especially young women. Throughout diverse medium (papers, podcasts, documentaries and reports), we want to shed light on there actions and help making their voices and messages heard. Our goal is to sensitize the public and encourage the emergence of a global dynamic in favor of reproductive rights and a feminist french diplomacy taking into account the needs and demands of the people involved. We are pleased to contribute to GGI’s “South America” department with the work we carried out as part of our research for ¡BASTA YA!. For more information, please visit ¡BASTA YA! website and the affiliated Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also contact us by e-mail:
The ELYX Foundation – to make the 2030 Agenda a reality The ELYX Foundation, under the aegis of the FACE Foundation, which is recognized as a public utility, was created in September 2018. The Foundation aims to create and disseminate the narrative of positive transitions whether they are ecological, social, cultural or technological. Thus, the Foundation accompanies public and/or private entities that wish to move from the era of Sustainable Development to that of Regeneration. ELYX is currently the first and only digital ambassador of the United Nations. The foundation promotes the values of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. As such, the ELYX Foundation has created the 10TOGO program, which deciphers the issues at stake in each international summit and shows how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide solutions. Each chapter of the 10TOGO program offers perennial content, in open source, in digital form, posters, leaflets, video animations and school books, and a communication campaign. More information on their website.