Pushing back against masculinist discourses online – Recommendations to the European Union and its Member States to fight sexist and lgbtiphobic cyberviolence

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The Gender in Geopolitics Institute and Equipop publish a report analyzing digital technology as it contributes to the global phenomenon of backlash against women and LGBTI+ people, which is characterized by a rise in masculinist and anti-rights discourse, and has a very real political impact.

7 out of 10 women victims of online violence in their lifetime

And official data is still far from reality according to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Testimonies from feminist and LGBTI+ personalities on online harassment have increased in recent years. We must sound the alarm and firmly denounce a phenomenon that is growing with the massive use of social networks: masculinism.

Internet and the explosion of masculinist cyberviolence

This report offers an analysis of masculinist movements, reactionary and anti-rights profiles online and their operating methods. It examines the impact of this violence on the victims, mainly women and people from minorities. It also highlights the responsibility of Big Tech companies, which dominate the digital market. Indeed, masculinist violence largely benefits from Internet bias: anonymity, algorithms, monetization, etc.

5 areas of recommendations to strengthen the protection of Internet users

The report makes a series of recommendations to the member countries of the European Union, its bodies and member States:

  1. Strengthening and completing the legal, political and financial arsenal for combatting the continuum of sexual and gender­ based violence and hate speeches (based on gender identity and sexual orientation) 

  2. Integrating the fight against sexual and gender­based violence and the fight against masculinist discourses into public digital policies 

  3. Regulating the digital and technology multinationals
  4. Supporting and protecting the feminist and LGBTI+ associations and activistsactivists
  5. Raising awareness among citizens of masculinist discourses and giving them the means to defend themselves