The Gender in Geopolitics Institute

Illustratrice Yona. Instagram : @welcome_univers

The Gender in Geopolitics Institute is a think tank which adopt gender as a research and understanding tool for international relations. We think that a gendered perspective to approach and explore our societies is a guarantee of a future that is more sensitive to gender-related issues.

At the core of its action, the GGI values all issues related to gender, such as women’s condition and the LGBTI+ community, the norms of femininity and masculinity, as well as gender relations.

The reason why of GGI

This project has emerged from the observation that one needs to pay greater attention to the implications of gender in international relations. Indeed, gender-related issues are barely touched on in fields like research and decision-making in international relations. They are still considered secondary issues today.

The consequences of this absence of a gendered perspective in international relations are numerous. This omission erases gender issues in spheres of political, economic and social decisions and takes part in minimising, and even in smothering the centrality of gender in our lives. It creates a narrow vision of reality that has repercussions on the everyday life of our society. It also has an impact on decisions made in political, economic and social spheres that still do not have the tools and resources needed to handle these subjects correctly.

These observations gave us the drive to act.

We are committed to giving more attention to the implications of gender in international relations. By promoting a greater visibility for gender in geopolitics, the GGI aspires to raise awareness to this notion, one that is inseparable from everyday daily challenges on a global scale.

Our goals

With the conviction that one of the challenges of the 21st century will be gender, the GGI has many ambitions.

The GGI wishes to give gender its rightful place in international relations and give the keys to accurately handle gender issues as a whole. Our think tank wants to set off thoughts and public debates about gender issues in international relations.

We think that it is necessary to extend gender-related knowledge outside the intellectual spheres. That’s why the GGI wants, at a certain point, to have a real ability to act and influence, thanks to our different services, and place gender at the centre of political, economic and social considerations.

The institute will make gender-related subjects in geopolitics accessible through tangible actions. As gender is becoming the centre of political debates, our think tank will be able to dispense a quality expertise on all subjects related to gender.

And finally, we hope to participate in France’s affirmation on the international stage in the field of gender in geopolitics.