Picture credit: Jade Annest

The Gender in Geopolitics Institute

Created in February 2020 by Déborah Rouach and Alice Apostoly, the Gender in Geopolitics Institute is the only think tank in France which uses gender as a tool to explore and understand the complex realities of international affairs. In the post-MeToo era, where there has been an awakening of mentalities and an awareness of the importance of talking about gender issues, it is essential to adopt a gendered vision that is sensitive to women and LGBTQI+ people rights, in order to understand our societies and above all to think of a more inclusive and egalitarian world.

All started with an observation...

As observers and protagonists of international relations, we have been faced with a serious problem: French institutions dealing with international relations pay little attention to gender issues or approach them in a stereotypical way. It turns out that international relations are not neutral. This absence creates a lack of data and makes these topics invisible in political, economic and social decisions.

Our singularity
  • An innovative perspective on international relations
  • A holistic, prospective and human rights based approach
  • A young and dynamic working group of nearly 70 people
  • A hybrid nature: research accompanied by advocacy with civil society, private actors and government institutions.
Our objectives

To raise awareness and equip civil society and professionals through analysis and research on gender in international relations.

To raise awareness and advise French policy makers so that gender is considered as a transversal element of national and foreign policy.

To be a force of proposal through recommendations and ways of action to political and private decision-makers.

To have an advisory role in national and multilateral organisations.

To become a reference on gender issues in international relations in the press and media.

To raise awareness among civil society actors on the challenges of feminist foreign policy.

To participate in the affirmation of France on the international scene in the field of gender in geopolitics.

Our achievements

Through more than 400 analyses, we offer expert advice on women rights, discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community and norms of femininity and masculinity. Our studies have been published in various media and we have reached over 260,000 people with our content.

The IGG is a springboard for female students and young professionals, the vast majority of our staff, and helps break the glass ceiling in research.

We are an active member of the Collectif Générations Féministes, a collective of nearly 50 French feminist NGOs committed to gender equality.

In 2021, thanks to a first grant from Napoleons Venture Philanthropy, we delivered the only analytical report on the Generation Equality Forum available in French and English.

In 2022, GGI co-founders were invited to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeepers during the General Assembly of the United Nations and received operating grants from Focus 2030.

In 2023, GGI got the official support of France’s ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.