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An Intersectional Analysis of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the Regional Conflict in the Great Lakes Region of Africa since 1994: The 1994 Genocide in Rwanda (1/2)

Par Bridget Nievinski

Conflict-related SGBV became the norm during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and resulted in a myriad of physical and psychological consequences for both Tutsi and Hutu women.
In this article, you will have the occasion to read more about the Rwandan Genocide, the meaning of Intersectionality and identities in the conflict and the role they played in victimization of Rwandan women during the conflict.

An Intersectional Analysis of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the Regional Conflict in the Great Lakes Region of Africa since 1994: The Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (2/2)

Par Bridget Nievinski

Using intersectionality as a research paradigm, the second paper in this series examines the motivations behind SGBV by various armed groups taking into consideration the ethnic and political identities of both the soldiers and the victims as well as observing the role age and class play in victimization.

‘Bride’ Trafficking at the Sino-Burmese Border: A feminist critique of the traditional security approach to human trafficking


Laura Huchet’s Master’s thesis

Discover Laura Huchet’s Master’s thesis in « International Peace and Security » at King’s College London, in the Department of War Studies. It has been conducted by Maria Varaki.

France’s Feminist Diplomacy and Women’s Rights in the Gulf: Rhetoric over Reality

Written in collaboration with Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrein

France is becoming an increasingly important actor in the Gulf region and its expanding transnational network comes with an increased responsibility to promote French human rights ideals across borders. Is the French government prioritizing its strategic interests over the protection of women’s rights in this region? What is the distinction between what is tolerable and what is not? This article analyzes women’s rights in Bahrain and the French government’s approach to this topic in the context of the Generation Equality Forum.

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