Presentation ceremony of the "Gender at the Summit" report

December 16, 2021

The Gender in Geopolitics Institute is pleased to share the pictures of the ceremony introducing its report “Gender at the Summit : Understanding the challenges of the Generation Equality Forum”. 

During this evening, we were able to deepen the main lines of analysis of the report. The private sector has been much more representative and has proposed more concrete commitments than some States, nota bene noting the absence of important state actors, such as China or Russia. This diversity of actors, which depects the ambition and strength of the Forum, is also a major factor in the discussion of issues considered divisive and in the development of an accountability framework (the absence of it worries civil society). In line with the Agenda 2030, the Generation Equality Forum will live through the UN calendar, the concrete implementation of the commitments announced during the event and the mobilization of state actors, civil society and businesses for gender equality. 

We would like to thank Carlotta Gradin, Vice-President of advocacy at UN Women France, who accepted our invitation to share her expertise with our Presidents Alice Apostoly and Déborah Rouach. We do not forget to thank the GGI team for writing the report and organizing this ceremony. Finally, we would like to thank Napoleons Venture Philanthropy who supported us throughout 2021. 

Read the GGI’s report here